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PROFESSIONAL APPOINTMENTS                                                      

Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of California San Diego                                         2016

Mentor: Jonathan Shurin


Ph.D. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology                                                                      2016

The University of Toronto, Toronto ON                                                                      

Thesis: Understanding how life-history traits and environmental gradients structure diversity

Committee members: Ben Gilbert (advisor), Don Jackson, Megan Frederickson

M.Sc. Integrative Biology                                                                                            2010

The University of Guelph, Guelph, ON                                                                        

Thesis: The effect of environmental extremes on the persistence of a rare plant, the Yellow Montane Violet, Viola praemorsa.

Committee members: Andrew MacDougall (advisor), Brian Husband, Chris Caruso

B.Sc. Ecology and Environmental Biology                                                                2008 Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC

Advisor: Lyn Baldwin   



7. Jones, N.T., & B. Gilbert. Geographic signatures in species turnover: decoupling colonization and extinction across a latitudinal gradient. In press Oikos.

6. Grainger, T. N., R.M., Germain, N.T. Jones & B. Gilbert. Predators modify regional constraints on species’ distributions in an insect metacommunity Ecology 98: 851-860.

5. Jones, N.T., & B. Gilbert 2016. Biotic forcing: the push-pull of plant ranges. Plant Ecology 217:1331-1344. Invited for special issue.

4. Jones, N.T., & B. Gilbert. 2016. Changing climate cues differentially alter zooplankton dormancy dynamics across latitudes. Journal of Animal Ecology 85: 559-569.

3. Jones N. T., R. M. Germain, T. N. Grainger, A. Hall, L. Baldwin, & B. Gilbert. 2015. Dispersal mode mediates the effect of patch size and patch connectivity on metacommunity diversity. Journal of Ecology 103:934-943.

2. Jones, N.T., B. C. Husband, & A. S. MacDougall. 2013. Reproductive system of a mixed-mating plant responds to climate perturbation by increased selfing. Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences 280:1336–1336.

1. MacDougall, A.S., A. Duwyn, & N.T. Jones. 2010. Consumer-based limitations drive oak recruitment failure. Ecology 91: 2092-2099.  

Manuscripts in revision and review (available upon request)

Jones, N.T., J. Moran*, & B. Gilbert. Are species larger at high latitudes? Testing latitude-body size relationships in zooplankton *Undergraduate mentee

Germain R.M., T. N. Grainger, N.T. Jones, & B. Gilbert. Frequency-dependent maternal effects across species and environments.

Cavalheri H, C. Symons, M. Schulhof, N.T. Jones & J. Shurin. Influence of temporal selection in evolutionary response to temperature in Daphnia

Kirk, D., N.T. Jones, S. Peacock, J. Philips, P. Molnar, P. Luijckx & M. Krkosek. Empirical evidence that metabolic theory describes the temperature dependency of within-host parasite dynamics.

Aranguren Riaño N.J., R. Torres, C. Guisande, N.T. Jones & J. Shurin. Geographic, taxonomic and environmental variation in functional diversity of zooplankton in Colombian lakes revealed by amino acid composition.

Manuscripts completed

Jones N.T., C. Symons, A. Pedroza, H. Cavalheri & J. Shurin. Climate change and predator driven community reorganization.

Manuscripts in preparation

Jones N.T., The effects of climate change on dormancy dynamics.


Awards and recognition                                                           

2015 – University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies travel award ($600)              

2015 – Ilmar Talila Graduate Award in Ecology. The University of Toronto ($2,000)        

2015 – Frederick P. Ide Graduate Award in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology ($2,000 x4)         

2013 – Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($15,000)                                                                           

2009 – Middleton Graduate Teaching Assistant Award 2nd place, University of Guelph

2009 – Arthur D. Latornell graduate research travel grant. University of Guelph ($1000)

2008 – NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) University of Guelph ($4,500)

2008 – Canadian Botanical Association, Best poster presentation by an undergraduate ($100)

2008 – Best poster in ecology and environmental science. Thompson Rivers University ($100)

2007 – Undergraduate Student Research Award. Thompson Rivers University ($5000)

Select Presentations

  1. Jones, N. 2016. Invited seminar speaker, University of California San Diego, Department of Ecology, Behavior and Evolution, San Diego CA.
  2. Jones, N. 2016.  Ecology & Evolutionary Biology exit seminar at the University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.
  3. Jones, N. & B. Gilbert. 2015. 100th Ecological Society of America Annual meeting, Baltimore MD.
  4. Jones, N. & B. Gilbert. 2014. Canadian Society of Ecology & Evolution, Montreal, QC.
  5. Jones, N. & B. Gilbert. 2013. Sustainable Pathways: Learning From the Past and Shaping the Future. 98th Ecological Society of America Annual meeting, Minneapolis MN.
  6. Jones, N. & B. Gilbert. 2013. Atwood Colloquium, The University of Toronto, Toronto ON.
  7. Jones, N. & B. Gilbert. 2013. Tri-campus Spatial Ecology Meeting, The University of Toronto Scarborough, Scarborough, ON.
  8. Jones, N. & A. MacDougall. 2010. 95th Ecological Society of America Annual meeting, Pittsburgh, PA
  9. Jones, N. & A. MacDougall. 2010. Biodiversity 2010 & Beyond, Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections and Canadian Botanical Association Joint meeting, University of Ottawa, Ottawa ON.
  10. Jones, N. & A. MacDougall. 2010. Invited seminar speaker, Ecology and Environmental science seminar series, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC.
  11. Jones, N. Duwyn A. & A. Leifso. 2010. Wellington Wildflower Society, Guelph ON.


TEACHING EXPERIENCE                                                                      

2015 –­ Community ecology. Guest lecturer: Climate change & community change. Professors: Ben Gilbert/Megan Frederickson                                                                           

2014 – Statistics Workshop: Designed and led workshop “Conducting multivariate analyses with R” for graduate students and faculty in the Department of Geography & Planning

2014 – Field ecology course. Guest lecturer: Designed and led ½ day activity

2013 –­ Statistics. Guest lecturer. The ABCs of PCA: An introduction to multivariate analyses using ecological data. Brock University, St. Catherines, ON.                                   

2013 –­ Lab tutorials: Community Ecology (TA)

2012 –­ Field course: Physical and Biological Coupling in Lake Ecosystems at the Harkness Laboratory of Fisheries Research (TA)

2011 –­ Field course: Experimental Methods in Ecology and Evolution (TA)

2011 –­ Lab tutorials: Biology of Conservation (TA/Guest Lecturer x 4)

2010 –­ Seminar leader: Conservation Biology (TA)

2009 – Tutorial leader: Fish and Wildlife Management (TA) and Ecology (TA)


Student Supervision                                                

Students that I mentored in independent research projects are included below.

1.    Jillian Moran – 4th year honours thesis: Are species larger at high latitudes? Testing latitude-body size relationships in ectotherms. 2014. Paper in revision at Oecologia

2.    Ho Cheang & Wenjie Zeng – 4th year independent research project: Creating a dichotomous key for lakes in the Yukon Territory. 2012.

3.    Patrick Beh – 4th year independent research project: A pictorial guide to zooplankton families in British Columbia and Yukon lakes (co-supervised Fine Arts, The University of Guelph, Guelph, ON). 2012.

4.    Ewelina Chojecka and Alexandra Barany – 2nd year research project: Temperature effects on north-temperate zooplankton community dynamics. 2012.

Workshops, symposia and service

2017 – Organizer departmental workshop “Coping with Setbacks in Grad School” (forthcoming)

2016 – Organizer UCSD Ecology, Behavior and Evolution journal club

2016 – Organizer, symposium at the meeting of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution, “The interplay between ecology and evolution in spatially-structured landscapes”

2015 – COTE Lab X Cluster of Excellence workshop “Ecology and society: Biodiversity and global change”. Bordeaux, France (competitive all expenses paid)

2015 – Community ecology curriculum development, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, The University of Toronto

2014 – Ombudsperson (elected) - Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

2014 – Atwood Colloquium Organizing Chair - Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

2014 – Course union representative (elected)

2013 – Library Committee member (elected) The University of Toronto

2011-14 – GreenHere Board of Directors (elected), a registered charity that promotes greening lower income Toronto neighbourhoods

2011-15 – Health and Safety Committee graduate student representative, University of Toronto


Ecology, Oikos (x2), Freshwater biology, Botany, Limnology, Global Ecology and Biogeography

OTHER RESEARCH EXPERIENCE                                                    

1. Plant Ecology Field Technician. Vancouver Island, BC. Managed experiments and conducted field surveys. Supervisor: Andrew MacDougall. 2008

2. Community Ecology Field Technician. Lac du Bois Provincial Park, BC. Vascular plant identification. Supervisor: Lyn Baldwin. 2007

3. Greenhouse manager. Maintained plants and coordinated research projects in the Biological Sciences Greenhouse facility. Kamloops, BC. Supervisor: Christine Peterson. 2006-8