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Manuscripts in revision (available upon request)

Van Allen, B, N.T. Jones, K Carscadden, B Gilbert and RM Germain. Maternal effects and the outcome of interspecific competition.

Jones N.T., H. Cavalheri*, C. Symons*, A. Pedroza, & J. Shurin. Climate change and predator driven community reorganization.*contributed equally, listed alphabetically. 

Jones, N.T., J. Moran*, & B. Gilbert. Are species larger at high latitudes? Testing latitude-body size relationships in zooplankton.

Germain, R.M., N.T. Jones & T.N. Grainger. Cryptic dispersal networks connect habitat patches in ways not captured by distance. Preprint

Schulhof  M., A. Allen, E. Allen, N. Mladenov, J. McCrow, C. Symons, H. Cavalheri , J. Blanton, N.T. Jones & J. Shurin. Microbial communities are independently controlled by nutrients, detritus and biotic interactions in mountain lakes.

Manuscripts published

11. Cavalheri H, C. Symons, M. Schulhof, N.T. Jones & J. Shurin. Rapid evolution of thermal plasticity in mountain lake Daphnia populations. In press Oikos.

10. Germain, R.M., T.N. Grainger, N.T. Jones, & B. Gilbert. Accepted Oikos. Maternal provisioning is structured by species' competitive neighborhoods. Early view

9. Aranguren Riaño N.J., R. Torres, C. Guisande, N.T. Jones & J. Shurin. Geographic, taxonomic and environmental variation in functional diversity of zooplankton in Colombian lakes revealed by amino acid composition. PDF

8. Kirk D., N.T. Jones, S. Peacock, J. Philips, P. Molnar, M. Krkosek & P. Luijckx. Empirical evidence that metabolic theory describes the temperature dependency of within-host parasite dynamics. PDF

7. Jones, N.T., & B. Gilbert. Geographic signatures in species turnover: decoupling colonization and extinction across a latitudinal gradient.  Oikos  My former undergrad and current graphic artist Patrick Beh's graphics were chosen as cover art for the issue! 

6. Grainger, T.N., R.M. Germain, N.T. Jones, & B. Gilbert. 2017. Predators modify regional constraints on species distributions in an insect metacommunity Ecology 98:851-860. PDF

5. Jones, N.T., &  B. Gilbert. 2016. Biotic forcing: the push-pull of plant ranges. Plant Ecology 217:1331-1344. PDF Invited for special issue

4. Jones, N.T., & B. Gilbert. 2016. Changing climate cues differentially alter zooplankton dormancy dynamics across latitudes. Journal of Animal Ecology 85: 559-569. PDF

3. Jones, N.T., R.M. Germain, T.N. Grainger, A. Hall, L. Baldwin, & B. Gilbert. 2015. Dispersal mode mediates the effect of patch size and patch connectivity on metacommunity diversity. Journal of Ecology 103:934-943. PDF

2. Jones, N.T., B.C. Husband, & A.S. MacDougall. 2013. Reproductive system of a mixed-mating plant responds to climate perturbation by increased selfing. Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences 280:1336–1336. PDF

1. MacDougall, A.S., A. Duwyn, & N.T. Jones. 2010. Consumer-based limitations drive oak recruitment failure. Ecology 91: 2092-2099. PDF

Manuscripts in preparation

Jones, N.T. The effects of climate change on dormancy dynamics. 

*Undergraduate mentee