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Manuscripts published

Germain, R.M., T.N. Grainger, N.T. Jones, & B. Gilbert. Frequency-dependent maternal effects across species and In review, Journal of Ecology, posted to biorxiv

Jones, N.T., & B. Gilbert. Geographic signatures in species turnover: decoupling colonization and extinction across a latitudinal gradient accepted Oikos

Grainger, T.N., R.M. Germain, N.T. Jones, & B. Gilbert. 2017. Predators modify regional constraints on species distributions in an insect metacommunity Ecology 98:851-860. PDF

Jones, N.T., &  B. Gilbert. 2016. Biotic forcing: the push-pull of plant ranges. Plant Ecology 217:1331-1344. PDF

Jones, N.T., & B. Gilbert. 2016. Changing climate cues differentially alter zooplankton dormancy dynamics across latitudes. Journal of Animal Ecology 85: 559-569. PDF

Jones, N.T., R.M. Germain, T.N. Grainger, A. Hall, L. Baldwin, & B. Gilbert. 2015. Dispersal mode mediates the effect of patch size and patch connectivity on metacommunity diversity. Journal of Ecology 103:934-943. PDF

Jones, N.T., B.C. Husband, & A.S. MacDougall. 2013. Reproductive system of a mixed-mating plant responds to climate perturbation by increased selfing. Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences 280:1336–1336. PDF

MacDougall, A.S., A. Duwyn, & N.T. Jones. 2010. Consumer-based limitations drive oak recruitment failure. Ecology 91: 2092-2099. PDF

Manuscripts in  review/revision  (available upon request)

Kirk D., N.T. Jones, S. Peacock, J. Philips, P. Molnar, M. Krkosek & P. Luijckx. Empirical evidence that metabolic theory describes the temperature dependency of within-host parasite dynamics. Minor revisions at PLOS Biology

Jones, N.T., J. Moran*, & B. Gilbert. Are species larger at high latitudes? Testing latitude-body size relationships in zooplankton.

Aranguren Riaño N.J., R. Torres, C. Guisande, N.T. Jones & J. Shurin. Geographic, taxonomic and environmental variation in functional diversity of zooplankton in Colombian lakes revealed by amino acid composition.

Jones N.T., C. Symons, H. Cavalheri, A. Pedroza, & J. Shurin. Climate change and predator driven community reorganization.

Manuscripts completed (available upon request)

Cavalheri H, C. Symons, M. Schulhof, N.T. Jones & J. Shurin. Influence of temporal selection in evolutionary response to temperature in Daphnia.

Manuscripts in preparation

Jones, N.T. The effects of climate change on dormancy dynamics. 

*Undergraduate mentee